A Hotel - Authentic Restaurant close to Thonon-les-Bains

The peace of mind and the tranquility of nature in our hotel-restaurant close to Thonon-les-Bains.

Less than 5 miles from Lake Geneva and around 35 minutes from Geneva itself, our Hotel Restaurant in Thonon-les-Bains is the ideal place for family holidays or even for your business trips.

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Echos des Montagnes Thonon restaurant

Savour Nature

We offer our guests the chance to come and try delicious traditional cusine in the restaurant's friendly atmosphere. Our menu changes with the seasons with fresh products, fish from Lake Geneva, homemade cooked meats.

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The ideal hotel for you stay at Thonon-Les-Bains

This charming family hotel offers confortable rooms with a balcony overlooking the Hermones or the Dent d'Oche.
The hotel is located in the village of Armoy. From spring, you can discover the pleasures of hiking in the mountains, bike rides and Lake Geneva.

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Echos des Montagnes Thonon hotel
Art of Living

Mythical establishment of the Thonon-les-Bains area

The echo des montagnes, a mythical establishment of Thonon-les-Bains


The opening of the Écho des Montagnes.

Creation of a "grocery bar" in the village by the Planchant Family, providing accommodation for some summer "residents".


Marie-Josèphe Favre, descendent of the founders, marries Bernard Colloud and resumes the family business.

echo des montagnes in 1976

echo des montagnes in 2012


Revival of the Echo des Montagnes by Valérie and Stéphane Hanriot.

Both coming from the hotel school of Tain l'Hermitage. Valérie begins her career in a gourmet restaurant in Lyon. She continued her journey in Geneva still working closely with starred chefs and chefs with "Best Workers in France" titles.
At the end of his studies at the hotel school in Grenoble, Stéphane starts his career at a 5 star hotel in Geneva, before leaving to complete his military service.
After this, he joins the Royal Club Evian which today is the Evian Resort during which he spent 21 years rich in many experiences going from accounting, business (meetings and conferences) by way of the Ermitage hotel as assistant manager.
The desire to work for himself presented itself and the adventure begins in February 2012. First challenge of classifying the hotel as a two star establishment within a year. First certification of Master Restaurateur in September 2013, ranking of "qualité tourisme" in 2014, 3 star ranking in 2014, changing the Chef during winter 2015 with the arrival of Yann Le Fevre and the obtaining of a “toque” in Gault & Millau in January 2017 renewed in 2018.

Nature and Heritage to be discovered

hikers on the GR5

Between the lake and mountains

By coming to Echo des Montagnes, you are choosing to stay in a privileged environment. In the heart of the village of Armoy, if offers you calm conducive to rest, and is surrounded by fields and forests, at an altitude of 630m.

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GR5 starting point

The Hermones stop (1,412m), balcony above Lake Geneva, is accessible by foot from Echo des Montagnes. From Très-le-Mont (1,350m) where we drive through the Col du Feu, several routes are signposted. Beneath Pointe de la Gay, the Plan des Tannay is a magnificent plateau where it is great to experience, in winter, the pleasure of walking in snowshoes in the powder snow...
On the Bellevaux valley floor, from Chèvrerie, beautiful walks are offered to you in the summer and the winter, in the superb panorama of the Roc d'Enfer (2,244m), on the forest paths and the cross-country ski trails.

Around Lake Geneva

The Thonon pine forest between the nautical centre and the Château de Ripaille. The pine forest extends over several miles and can be an enjoyable walk which joins the beach and the Châtaigneraie public park.
Other beaches are freely accessible: Corzent, Anthy, Excenevex, Amphion. Numerous clubs are waiting for you to initiate you in leisure activities, nautical and water sports. The Thonon and Évian nautical centres offer supervised swimming in a pool and the lake. If the sun is shy, the indoor nautical centre in the City of water meets everyone's needs with its sports pools and Evian "hot spot" of world women's golf with the Evian Championship.

view of Lake Geneva
town on the Swiss border

The Swiss border

Geneva is the symbol of peace, with its Palace of Nations, headquarters of international diplomacy. It is open to the public, as well as its park.
Several areas for leisure, discovery and culture such as: Swiss vapeur parc, Aquaparc, the Chillon Castle, Montreux, Vevey, Martigny and the Fondation Giannadda, Lausanne and its Olympic Museum, the Bex salt mines...

On the Route des Grandes Alpes

From Lake Geneva to the Mediterranean Sea via the great alpin passes, by bike, motorbike or car, the most beautiful tourist route on the Alps... The Écho des Montagnes is located at the beginning of this mythical crossing. So start the adventure with us!

The Route des Grandes Alpes is a sightseeing tour of nearly 450 miles which crosses the French Alps from the north to the south passing through 17 mountain passes, 6 of which are at more than 2,000m above sea level. It leaves Thonon-les-Bains (on Lake Geneva) to join - since 2012 - Nice (on the Mediterranean Sea) and covers 17,000 metres in height differences.

At the request of the Touring Club de France in 1909, the planned sightseeing tour allows the use of Alpine passes to link the roads of the existing valleys thanks to strategic sections built at the end of the 19th century and ornamental sections which were built in the first half of the 20th century.

For more information: : Move Your Alps!

Route des Grandes Alpes

We're being talked about...

Active Mag, septembre 2018

Article dans Active Mag

Miam, Novembre 2017

Notre chef Yann Le Fevre mis à l'honneur

”[...] Aux fourneaux, le chef Yann Le Fevre a instillé modernité et gastronomie dansune cuisine traditionnelle grâce à un sens créatif [...] Tout est fait maison tandis que les légumes, viandes, poissons arrivent de fournisseurs locaux pour être transformés sur place.[...]”

Yann Le Fevre, chef restaurateur à l'Echo des Montagnes, mis à l'honneur dans miam magazine.

Le Messager, Octobre 2017

Le titre de Maître Restaurateur renouvellé !

Le titre de Maître Restaurateur renouvellé pour L'écho des montagnes, restaurant trois étoiles à Armoy, près de Thonon, article du messager

20 minutes - Lyon, Octobre 2017

Le charme d'antan

”[..] Le lieu, d'un charme desuet et romantique, incarne à merveille la tradition hôtelière à la française. [...] une assiette de charcuterie, un duo de déra et truites fumées, une vraie tartiflette généreuse et gourmande, des filets de perche du lac Léman [...] les prix sont justes, l'accueil est souriant.”

20 minutes Lyon, article sur l'écho des montagnes, restaurant à Armoy près de Thonon ou le charme fait écho

Le Messager, Mars 2016

Une troisième étoile pour l'Écho !

L'écho des montagnes, restaurant trois étoiles à Armoy, près de Thonon, articeld du messager